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Creative film direction.
Professional video production.

Done right.

My creative use of light, color, performance, and rhythm enable my work as an established director, cinematographer, and editor to produce professional videos for every client I represent.

Actress performs in movie produced by Matt Burchfield in Norfolk, Virginia

Film Direction

Film is my passion. I crave the creation and direction process of short films, narrative documentaries, television dramas, and full-length feature films.

My film page is currently in the works, however I encourage you to learn more about one of my films, Till Death Do Us Part, that is currently in the works.

Recent Films

Promotional video produced by profesional cinematographer Matt Burchfield.

Video Production

The creation of commercial advertising throughout my career has given me the opportunity to work with national brands, as well as local businesses. I use my skills as a digital storyteller to produce promotional videos that inspire each audience to action.

Recent Productions

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I’m a problem solver. That’s the most succinct summation of what I do as a creative professional. My passion for light, color, performance, and rhythm are the tools I use as a director, cinematographer, and editor. My drive and attention to detail mean that I can harness these passions to get things done.
I’ve done this for nearly two decades now. I’ve worked on nearly every type of production. Sometimes that has meant jamming on the busy floor of ad agencies. Other times it’s meant working long days and nights on motion pictures. All of those experiences make their way into every facet of my work. 

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